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I originally wanted to create a concept to fix BC's awful new third, then I decided to do their full set, then I figured I might as well do the whole league. The first thing I did was ditch their horrid alternate logo. It looks like a child's drawing. Instead, I made one much more reflective of an actual mountain lion's paw. I also tweaked the wordmark, removing the silver, removing the small caps, and changing the extent to which it was skewed.

For the home uniform, I added a helmet stripe, which is repeated on the pants, as well as sleeve striping (with the orange and white swapped out). The new paw logo appears above the NoB, which is now outlined to match the numbers and is a different, sans-serif font. The road is just an inverted version of the home.

The alt is a fixed-up version of their current one. Gone is the monochrome black. I kept the orange stripe going down the side and paired it with the white pants to keep the stripe continuous. Like their current alt, the paw logo is much more prominent, here being featured on the sleeves.





C&C appreciated!

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Holy cow, it's been over five months?

this would be much improved if all your jerseys mimicked the black one

Love it the only thing I would do is put a orange face mask on there like they had in the 80's

So I tried to incorporate both of these suggestions in this update. I like the orange facemasks, but I don't like how the updates primaries look (by matching the black alternate), especially because there need to be three pairs of pants for the pants stripe and side stripe to be consistent. Comments?





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