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Safiria's Premier


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So I decided I'd finally stop lurking the Concepts board and contribute. ;) Figure I'll start with my micronation Safiria's new top-flight soccer league, Safiria's Premier, and the badges and kits I'm making in Inkscape for its member clubs.


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This is gonna be awesome!

Thanks :D

I always look forward to soccer concepts. Especially when they seem so well thought out such as this.

One question: Is Enasa Thursday a play on Sheffield Wednesday? I suppose I could wait until they are revealed to find out.

Only as far as the name goes.

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Guest darkpiranha

This should be interesting. Can't think of too many other fully-created worlds/nations to set a league in other than Sparky Chewbarky's "Jabberwockey Hockey" league from earlier this year.

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I'm so sorry, I completely forgot about this D:

But now, here's Miše F.C.:

Kit manufacturer: Alaitoc (a native company)

Shirt sponsor: Alaitoc

Goalkeeper's kit preference: Third, then first, then second

First uniform


Second uniform


Third uniform


Up next: the Isavi Seraphs!

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