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No penguins third jersey next year...


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Saw this on another MB I read.  Thought I'd post it over here for us hockey jersey fanatics.  :D

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

By Joe Starkey


Friday, April 4, 2003

The Penguins have scrapped their plan to unveil a third jersey next season.

It would have been a virtual replica of the Columbia Blue jersey the team wore, mostly in home games, from 1968-72. Team president Ken Sawyer explained why he shelved the idea.

“First of all, we've changed jerseys a lot in recent years, and I just don't believe you change them that often,” Sawyer said. “You know, it puts pressures on mothers to go out and buy yet another jersey. I don't want to take that on right now. Also, to be candid with you on an economic front, we would have had no revenue gain from that, because the merchandise sales at the arena (belong) to (concessionaire) Aramark and (landlord) SMG, not us, next year. A year later, we take over SMG's position as the lead tenant in the arena, so it didn't make any sense now.”

The Penguins had reached the late planning stages with the jersey, to the point where Mario Lemieux modeled it for a videotape that was earmarked for NHL approval. The jersey was slated to be unveiled in early June. It would have been complete with the tie-down collar and a circular crest featuring the familiar skating penguin and outlined with the words “Pittsburgh Penguins.” The only difference would have been modified letter and number font. Sawyer wasn't enamored with the retro aspect of the idea.

“We want to focus on the future,” he said. “This is a city of great traditions, and they need to be respected. But also, we're in the 21st century looking forward. We have a young nucleus of players, and this was a retro, back to even before Mario's days. I would suspect most of our young fans weren't even born at that time.”

Might the Penguins create a third jersey in two years?

“Sure,” Sawyer said. “I don't know whether it'll be the blue jersey or not, but we're going to have some great stories to talk about in the future.”

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