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pHiL Kizer

NBA Top 3 / Bottom 3 logos Current Secondary/Alternate Logos

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In the spirit of the "NBA Top 3 /Bottom 3 logos" thread posted by tigerslionspistonshabs, how do you all feel about the NBA's secondary/alternate logos?

Top 3:

x2ulyduse08rm42lmtu9ugych.gif3g5wchibh2ltoh617fcpgmfio.gifBeautiful design DC! Get rid of the wizard!

5ggk1t3vhjd19mm1hp5xvn05t.gifI just love it. It could've been the primary logo to me.

23893292014.gifSame here, could be the primary logo IMO.

Honorable Mention:

gs5fgn4fn5pd6gmfs0re4lvcx.gifOne of the most effective secondary logos that doesn't outshine the primary.

Bottom 3:


ie7jp1w07mlhzwxqgeffn9c8p.gifBetter to not have a secondary logo than to have this one.

aqg8cftfib5ejmw3blo84uvnq.gifbszgtjejcchfvx0qlsqjifdci.gifCome on Brooklyn! You are trying too hard to suck on purpose!

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Why not just have a Top 3/Bottom 3 Logos EVER? That should limit the number of similar future threads.

I'll make my picks:

1. 3g5wchibh2ltoh617fcpgmfio.gifThis is should be the primary.

2.0kizwi3chlzil61loqef3r7q2.gifWas gonna be an honorable mention, but I really like it. Again, should be the primary

3. 23893292014.gifI feel like a broken record. Ditto the first two

Honorable mentions:

txe1ybetuoye8pirnrhqalh04.gifmenxufn7f6yw7t9qvnzocc74e.gif(Oh, Copperplate... I personally like it, but its just overused. My high school uses it and Rockwell a lot)


28. aqg8cftfib5ejmw3blo84uvnq.gifClipart, perhaps?

29. 1hrqvo4oaipg1j7eboaxh4bgu.gifMissed a HUGE opportunity here with a sailboat or something.

30. 833.gifLooks like a paper hat you would get on your birthday from a cheesy Party place

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In contrast to the primaries, the NBA is laden of great secondary/alternate logos, which made it very hard to single out only three, so numerous really great logos were left out.

Top 3


Bottom 3


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TOP- In no particular order


efanypa3xc41fh4f0w2pgy7fp.gifSo simple and elegant.

2. 796.gif

3.5ggk1t3vhjd19mm1hp5xvn05t.gifShould be primary. Love how it harkens back to the inaugural logo.






Hate this thing with a passion. Say what you want about the 'Horsepower' era, but at least we had some character and an identity. Now our logos are bland. I'd like the Horsehead basketball back at least as a secondary.

2. 23821622014.gif

3. 1hrqvo4oaipg1j7eboaxh4bgu.gif

A lot of nice secondaries. I left out Denver, Golden State with the state of California, Cleveland's lancer/flag, Phoenix's...phoenix. etc

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Regarding ever "Top 3" thread and the copycats:


Oh, it's good clean fun. Sorry it doesn't live up to the standards of "blah blah blah NCAA sanctions, if this AD doesn't know toilet brands than how come did will if there were to have?"

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