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American Football League (AmFL)


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Has anyone else heard anything about this new American Football League?

Their website is http://www.afl-football.net/. I think they tried to start up a few years ago and are now at it again.

Their staff consists of two people: Joe Faber, commissioner, and Gary Scherer, league artist. It appears that the commissioner is currently a floor associate at Walmart.

Unable to get a TV sponsor, it seems he has created his own online TV station to show AmFL games.

This sounds like another New USFL to me.

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Please. They need some help with their logos. I have better stock ones on my computer. There is no way you're going to start a league with 20 teams. Maybe 4-6 but not 20. I'd like to know where they're going to get the money to provide transportation for a team in Oklahoma to go to New York and how they're going to pay for this "television network". No way this is going anywhere.

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