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Earl Campbell Oilers jersey in TV commercial

Ferdinand Cesarano

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Sorry I don't have a screen shot, but, as I was fast-forwarding past some commercials while watching TV, I saw someone in one ad wearing a blue Earl Campbell Houston Oilers jersey.

When I rewound to check it out, it turned out to be a McDonald’s commercial in which two guys are extolling the virtues of the latest McDonald’s promotion by comparing it to football events, as they drive to the restaurant. (And the punch line is that the woman in the drive-through joins in.) One of the guys in the car is wearing the jersey.

Has anyone else seen this?

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I didn't see the particular commercial you speak of, but there was another McDonald's commerical with a guy wearing that jersey. It wasn't really an Earl Campbell Oilers jersey, just a light blue #34 jersey with a similar striping pattern. The stripes on the jersey were white-blue-red-blue-white. The Oilers' stripes (home and road) were red-white-blue-white-red. I have seen counterfeits with that incorrect pattern. Either someone bought a fake for the commercial or the wardrobe department had that lying around as a generic jersey.

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"Earl Campbell" and "Commercial" always reminds me of..."Skoal, brotha"


Gosh, that is disgusting. I can't believe they used to advertise stuff like that back in the day.

Back about 15-16 years ago I met Earl Campbell at a signing he was doing at a Rockets game. My father, half-jokingly, told me to tell him that I "loved him in the Skoal commercial."

Earl just stared at me with a look of shocked disappointment and subtle distraught as he repeated, "Just don't use it man...just don't use it man..."

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I wish the Houston Texans took the Oilers uniforms, I miss those uniforms especially those awesome blue helmets from the 70s with the derrick.

I'm sure they would've loved to had Bud Adams left the Oilers identity behind. I keep thinking, though, that had the Oilers stayed, they would still have gotten a uniform upgrade, similar to what the Titans got.

Both looks are great, but that Oilers look was so classic.

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