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Photography Logo - Any suggestions?


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So, after having it in my head for a while- this is what I've ended up with...


Bit of info- It's a wedding photography business. Thus the cute heart... most the clientele will be females, or else this thing would be in black, red, and silver- LIKE A MAN'S logo!... or something.


Related: I saw this shortly after I finished -


Elephants are amazing. That's not his leg.

Had I only known before...

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Not bad at all. Id like to see a version that is 1 color without the containing shapes and sun burst. Just the 2 elephants and type. I think that simplification would make it a much stronger design.

Id also recommend simifying some of the curves in the elephants and making the negative space cuts larger. Then do something to make each elephant unique. Even something different with one of their tails would give it a more organic look

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When I look at this, I see high-end European car, not wedding photography. While it's a good logo, it's just doesn't fit the feel that you are describing, wedding clientel. For me, I would somehow combine and image of wedding with an image of photography. Maybe the sunburst with the center a negative heart shape and then just your wordmark underneath.

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A not-so-cleaned-up, white version. I'll upload solid solo black soon.

Sports Billy - "Zé" is just a fun form of "The". Slang/playfull stuff.

B'More - Thanks, I'll definitely try to open up the neg spaces and kill a bit of the symmetry. We'll see what happens there.

Mings - Dude, my first sketch was 90% elephant dong and 10% wordmark. Should have went that route.

Oddball - High end Euro, eh? The tough part about making a photography logo is not being cliche'. Everyone uses a shutter for an "O", a camera of some sort, or just a wordmark. It's more a brand I'm trying to create than a logo that shouts "photography!". The idea is that it is going to be Wedding Photography, Invitations, and things of that sort. Basically combining photography with design.

So wanted something a bit retro looking, with a "cute" factor, and then some subtle meaning. "Elephants never forget" so... weddings.. photos... eh.

Anyway, thanks fellas. Much appreciated!

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Sports Billy - "Zé" is just a fun form of "The". Slang/playfull stuff.


Take this for what you will, but ...

I think you need to consider making one elephant larger than the other.

My first thought upon seeing the identical elephants is that you are catering to SSM.

I say this as a big proponent of marriage equality.

I don't know if that was your goal, but I think you should consider that that can be read into the logo.

It's a great logo by the way. I would like to see what a slight reduction of the wordmark does for it.

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Hmmm... would have never though of that. I'll try working that in with killing the symmetry between the elephants.

Although- I'm cool with that as well. So if picked up on- not a huge problem. Equal rights and all that jazz! (see, I made a musical theatre reference to show I'm down with it)

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Don't change around your elephants... I don't think too many people will make that gay marriage "connection". Edit: Don't change because of the gay marriage thing. BrandMooreArt made a good point about making it more organic feeling.

Have you thought about consolidating fonts? Personally, I would pick "old timey quirky" or "super clean sans serif"; I wouldn't do both. Double down on the old timey-ness. I think that aesthetic fits in with the wedding business and you can still do it in a way that looks modern.

Along those same lines, I would give the text boxes some depth to match the "Ze Trunk" font. At least the big text box. Something like this:


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I had a quick thought that you should give one elephant tusks, but as others have correctly noted, that'd unnecessarily alienate potential customers and also be too heteronormative for 2013. I think they're perfect as is. I'd also get rid of the sunburst because the trunkheart is good enough to stand on its own.

Why "Ze Trunk"? Is this yours or a client's business? I'd rethink the "Ze" if you think. It's cute, but trying a bit too hard to be so.

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Hey El Sephen,

Nice logo idea! Reminds me of Delirium Tremens for some reason... Ja, ja, zé trunk peeples zese days; only marry to get wasted! ;)

Anyway, to give some constructive feeback, one thing you might want to consider is to design it a bit more "watermark friendly". That means - at least for your watermark version - keep it monochrome so you can lay it as a transparent layer on top of a picture, and keep the shapes as simple as possible (only elephants and font) so that they are not fighting for attention with your images.

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Have to agree that elephants aren't a good fit for a photography business. As others have pointed out, too many opportunities for misconstrual or a plain old "WTF?" from potential customers. Just my 2 cents.

I like it, but I see what you're saying.

What if he put a tag line of something like

"Because photographs never forget".

Just a thought.

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Have to agree that elephants aren't a good fit for a photography business. As others have pointed out, too many opportunities for misconstrual or a plain old "WTF?" from potential customers. Just my 2 cents.


Here's my counter:

Trunk = Elephants have them.

Elephants = Never forget.

Never forgetting = photographs/moments captured.

So in a way, I'd ask- what would fit better than elephants?

Besides that...

Logos don't always have to spell it out for you. What does a gecko have to do with Car Insurance? But that unattached dude might be one of the most recognizable brand characters there are.

What does the starbucks logo have to do with coffee? Yet it could stand alone with no text.

It won't make a consumer "wtf", simply because no one finds a photography business- then considers their logo. In many businesses, your thought process would be on point. This one? Nah.

Again- outside of making some rehashed "shutter" logo that's been done 1 million times, it's hard to get a photography logo that shouts PHOTOGRAPHY!... So I went a bit deeper with it.

It's more of a... detail than it is a standalone. If that makes sense.

I can name about 20 local photographers right now in my area... and I have no idea what their logo looks like. Why? 1. They're generic. 2. They're generic.

Honestly, it's not that important in this field- but once you have a client/show your stuff here and there/etc... more likely to remember the elephants than something like this:

https://www.google.com/search?q=photography+logo&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&authuser=0&ei=is06UuO6KpD69gTLyoD4Ag (take your pick)

While something like this, I love:


Anyone going to look at this and think- "Well, there's a gazelle... couldn't be the photographer I'm looking for!"?


Same case here. Animals have less to do with these brand names than mine- but sometimes... sometimes... "because it's cool" is good enough. Rarely- but sometimes.

But thanks for all the input guys. Making some changes and tweaks. Much appreciated!

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