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My own basketball team logo


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Making a new logo for my basketball team...and I'm trying to go extra simple, so I decided to use the OP initials and throw in some basketball details...

This is what I have for now....also, I am yet to decide on the team colors...talking about doing thigs backwards :)



I like the second one...but something looks off...maybe the white space on the bottom part of the P, the part where it intersects with the groove...it's the same width as the other offset paths on the OP but it looks smaller for some reason

Also, the O is centered, and it looks weird when the left side of the logo is empty and the right side is half the size because of the letter P....but the logo looks really weird to me if I center OP, I don't know...

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OP stands for Old Playground (hint Bruce Hornsby and the Range :) )

I'm trying to make some sort of beveled look (like Fraser Davidson or Brandon Moore do) but my skill levels do not apply :)


lancealot, you mean like this?


to be honest I dont see the C...I mean if I looked hard I could get it but on the first glance the O doesnt strike me as C

This intertwined fonts always bother me...the workflow...I position the fonts, convert them to outlines, offset path and then lock that layer and use the knife tool on the colored fonts to make this effect...but that knife tool always leaves a hairline split and it's a nightmare to change colors of this because I have to work with 5-6 parts of each letter, I can not group it...

Do you guys have any other workflow for this, something more efficient?

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