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There's been a lot of talk at the PantherU forum about soccer, Milwaukee's most storied program, adopting a permanent (and hopefully timeless) look, which got me to thinking what would be a good look for all of the Horizon League soccer teams.

Cleveland State: CSU's teams are known as the Vikings, which should make this design fairly obvious.

Detroit: I took the Greco trim from the Titans' logo and did some horizontal pinstriping with it.

Green Bay: One of the more difficult ones here, but I decided to go with a hybrid of the Packers throwbacks, and the kits the USMNT's 2004 kits.

Milwaukee: This one is based on the soccer jersey that Pounce the Panther wears. Apparently it's based on a long-time look the Panther soccer team had, which, in true UWM fashion, they abandoned upon making it a permanent part of their mascot's look.

Oakland: Probably the most radical of the bunch. The pattern is based on their logo.

UIC: Obviously based on the Chicago flag. If it were up to me, the Flames would swap their current blue for the sky blue of the actual flag, and use that for the basis for their identity. One of the stars on the flag even signifies the Great Chicago Fire, for which the Flames were named.

Valparaiso: A downward-facing chevron (V-shape) seemed appropriate for a school whose name starts with V.

Wright State: An ascending sash seemed appropriate for a school named after the Wright Brothers.

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What's it with every soccer concept involving Chicago has to have 4 stars in the middle?

Besides that, these are all very nice.

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