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Cleveland Browns 2014 Concept


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So we know the Browns are getting a new uniforms next season but team owner Jimmy Haslam has stated that the helmet will not change. As such with such a simple and traditional looking helmet the change to the uniform should also be very simple in my opinion. They can't do anything too drastic and/or modern and have it work with the classic traditional helmet. So here is my concept as to what I think we can expect. Again just a guess on concept on my part but would not be too surprised if we actually get something very similar to this.

With no change to the helmet all I did was change the jersey, pant, and sock striping to mimic that of the helmet which is something I've seen in another concept already in this forum. As such all striping is consistent across all uniform aspects of the uniform as well as all combination options. In addition I have brought back the orange pants of the Kardic Kids days to provide an option and splash of color on occasion. Lastly, I also could see them opting to use the throwback again since this new uniform would look different enough from the throwback to justify using the throwbacks twice a year.

Home - Primary


Home - Option


All White






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Looks good, love the orange pants except for orange stripes against the orange pants...make the outer stripes white. White pants have the same issue.

But then the stripe isn't the same orange-brown-white-brown-orange stripe on all applications.

I really like these. They're almost exactly like Florida, but I really like them.

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Wow. I actually really like these, and could definitely see this in the NFL.

Side note, but aren't the supposed changes for two years from now? Maybe I'm just not remembering right from the NFL Changes thread.

Apparently Haslam's original plan was to make the change in 2014, but after talking with marketing researchers he has opted to take more time and explore options for a full 24 months before making any change.

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