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Indonesian vs Canadian made Reebok Authentic NHL Jerseys


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I've read a lot of talk about what are called "Indo-Edge" jerseys by Reebok, and their inferior construction when compared to authentic Canadian made Reeboks. I'm still learning what's up, and am far from an expert, but here is what I seem to have found out so far.

There are 3 types of "Edge" authentic jerseys. The first is Edge 1.0, which is the original moisture wicking material and tighter fit that almost all NHL players rejected for in-game use during the first season of the Edge system...From what I hear, these remained the go-to material for retail authentics. The second is the Edge 2.0, which is what is worn by almost all NHL players. Slightly looser fit, and the same airknit mesh that was worn on CCM/Koho sweaters of the previous generation. I've heard that these are being made available as retail as of the switch from the vector logo on the back to the Reebok wordmark logo on the back. The third is "Indo-Edge" which has never been worn by any NHL player in a game, doesn't have sewn on Reebok logos, and uses a mesh that is somewhere between airknit and the material from Reebok "premier" jerseys. Most people are unhappy with the Indo-Edge jerseys, made in Indonesia, as opposed to the 1.0 and 2.0 sweaters that were made in Canada.

Is this a fairly accurate summary from those of you who are "in the know?" From what I gather, almost all retail "Authentic" Reebok jerseys you'd buy at the team store or NHL.com are "Indo-Edge" sweaters that are unfit for actual game use, despite the "authentic" moniker.

If what I've learned is true, are there any retailers that you know of that sell actual authentic NHL jerseys that are the same materials and construction of what is truly worn on the ice by NHL players in games?

I'm planning to plop down some legitimate coin for a customized authentic Dallas Stars jersey, and I want to make sure I'm getting what I paid for... an actual "authentic" game quality sweater.

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River City Sports and IceJerseys.com both sell Canadian-made authentics for a limited range of teams, and prominently advertise them as such on their sites. There have been rumblings that the Indo-Edge (model 7231) may be dead, so for a new design, like the Stars, it may be easier to find a Canadian-made (model 7287) at retail. That could be why authentics haven't come out for the Stars yet, too.

Sizing has apparently changed (again) with the transition to the Canadian Edge 2.0. I've gone from a 48 in CCM authentics to a 46 in pre-Edge Reebok, to 52 in Edge 1.0, and that apparently is the same as a 50 in Edge 2.0.

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To add on what has already been said, everything bought retail as an "authentic" is Indo right now save for a very few teams through one or two retailers. 25 of each style need to be ordered by a retailer to get 2.0s, and that's a lot of inventory for just one team and color for anyone.

Best chance to grab a 2.0 is through the actually team (know somebody, equipment sales, etc). Often you can get them a lot cheaper this way too. I've managed to get the old Dallas home and third, Nashville blue, and two Tampa ones for about $100 total in various ways.

As an aside, a 2.0 is the most comfortable jersey I've ever worn on the ice. Good fit, light, just about perfect.

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For what it's worth, my Indonesian Authentic Leafs jersey is pretty high quality. It is definitely better than any retail "premier" jersey, and the only thing that isn't stitched onto it is the Reebok wordmark on the back.

That being said, compared to my game worn authentic 2.0 Stars jersey- the weight isn't equal and therefore it feels more fragile.

Both the Indo Leafs jersey and my 2.0 Stars jersey feel higher quality than the 1.0 Stars and Habs jerseys I own.

I hope I was able to make this post make some sense.

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