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NFL monochrome uniforms


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Here's my list (all just my opinion, of course) of the best monochrome looks in the modern history of the NFL. (I'll dispense with my usual joke about good monochrome uniforms being like the skinniest kid ay fat camp, although I still believe it to be basically true.)


I'm sure there will be major disagreement with this list. I had three basic criteria for choosing the uniforms.

One; monochrome usually, but not always, looks better dark. Two; I prefer a color contrast with the helmet, and Three; a contrasting sock is an absolute must.

My bottom five will follow soon.

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OK... now the worst.... in reverse order (5 being less heinous than 1).


Again, just my opinion, disagree at will. But here's my reasoning. Matching dark pants and socks is awful, even without the monochrome. Pants without stripes magnifies the nastiness. And the Seahawks rate a worse spot because much of this is largely their fault.

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The only ones I think look decent in that whole batch are the Panthers and Titans. The Jets monochrome might look better with a better uniform design. I absolutely despise navy monochrome. I don't think there's any way to make it look good.

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Man, oldschool, I've gotta disagree with your bottom 5. I don't like Chicago's or Tennessee's mono's though. I also disagree with mjd, I like navy mono's, but not Chicago's.

IMO, the only way I think navy works is if you have some bright contrasting colors with the navy like the Chargers white and yellow, and even then I don't think it looks that great.

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I like the all red Texans look. I think the pants stripe really pops, and I think it matches the numbers really well.


For the most part I agree with OSV's point about the socks matching the pants tho. Makes it look like the teams are wearing yoga pants. But I think the nice stripe for the Texans' red look helps them minimize that effect.

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Carolina is easily the best. Seattle would be next. I really think that if the Eagles went monochrome again, they'd look much better than last time since the pants now have a gray stripe.

The Texans or Titans would be the worst IMO. Navy helmet with all red just doesn't look right. With the Titans, that shade of blue just doesn't look right on grown men with it's worn both top and bottom. The Rams are close to the worst, since their pants stripe clashes with the helmet and jersey trim so much. I get that they were designed for the white jersey, but then just wear them with the white jersey (or better yet, go with the gold.)

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I absolutely hated these:


I loved them....and I still hear :censored: about it to this day

Falcons monochrome black was some kinda ugly.

black_black_4.jpg sock solid

I wish they would go back to those black jersey and pants but wear them separately....I love monochrome, but this was a little too much.

My favorites: 1) Seattle Seahawks 2) Houston Texans 3) Denver Broncos 4) Minnesota Vikings 5) Tennessee Titans

Bottom 5: 1) Washington Redskins 2) Baltimore Ravens 3) Atlanta Falcons 4) Seattle Seahawks 5) Jacksonville Jaguars

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My favorites Top 4:

1. Carolina Panthers

2. Philadelphia Eagles (too bad they hardly ever wear the all-green look anymore).

3. Seattle Seahawks

4. Buffalo Bills (had a soft spot for 2002-10 uniforms, with the all blue look as my favorite).

Bottom 4:

1. New Orleans Saints (Jane Fonda would be proud of their leotard look).

2. Tennessee Titans (the light blue monochrome look is screaming "Pajamas"!!)

3. Kansas City Chiefs

4. Houston Texans all battle red monochrome look. It just doesn't look right.

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