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Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey Concept


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*welp* It's been a while since I've done a concept here!

I think it's fair to say a lot of people would love to see an alternate for the Winnipeg Jets. I know as a Jets fan that I would at least. Of course a lot of people when thinking of what an alternate could look like, commonly refer to either an old Jets uniform from the '79 - '96 NHL team or the '72 - '79 WHA team. Also a baby blue uniform is a popular idea as well.

When sitting down and sketching logos one time, I referred back to the primary logo the team had at first. It was never put on any uniform from my knowledge and is a fairly solid logo. So with a few tweaks, modernization and a few touches of my own that reflect of the current team and a bit of the past, here's what I came up with...


I wanted to do a red jersey really badly as I always see all the shades of blue and white used commonly. I also wanted to keep the colours very simple and clean. Most notably I have an all 'baby blue' crest which some might find odd but I felt was appropriate in attempting that faux-vintage look which was of course my goal here. The logo is of course an update of the first logo that the WHA Winnipeg Jets franchise used. I tried cleaning up a lot of the more dated or messier elements of the logo and felt successful with the result. The white outline is rather thick but I felt helped make the logo pop much better and would also be balanced with the striping on the uniform. Though some might find it odd, I felt the use of 'Midnight Blue' was the best choice for the rest of the blue used in the uniform as it wouldn't really overtake the amount of 'Baby Blue' used.

Would love to hear what you guys have to say of course.

Thanks for viewing and any C&C is appreciated.

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Thanks guys.

As I said TorinK92, some might find it odd but I felt it was still fairly appropriate use between the two blues, one blue is used more in the colour scheme than the other but I think I successfully used both. I'm open to suggestions that would counter this though.

chrysleraspen08, I was really trying to get that feel with the crest logo so I'm glad you feel that way. Also keep in mind it's based off of one of the logos the WHA team had so that's also responsible for that feeling

Any more C&C is welcome, thanks guys!

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