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Buffalo Bills fix


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I know a lot of folks on this board are pretty high on the Bills' current look, but personally I think its a bit of a near miss. Anyone can see its miles better than their previous nightmare, but some aspects of it really bug me. For one, I don't need to see the logo splashed all over. Also, the widening helmet stripe is, frankly, dumb.

My biggest beef is with the seemingly haphazard way the navy blue was integrated, especially on the jersey. It really seems just tacked on. My first choice would be to do away with the navy altogether, but assuming that isn't an option, I tried to make it flow a little better, overall. One thing I'm not overly happy with is the addition of navy detail on the logo. I think it needs navy in some way, but I'm not sure how. Thoughts are appreciated.


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Really the only way to get navy into the logo is by a redesign. As for the uniforms, incorporate red into the number outlines (similar to now). Put the blue sleeve stripe onto the blue pants so that they are consistent. Finally, swap out the throwback logo on the back for the current one.

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