Portland Trail Blazers new logo

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I've learned, (with altering the old Nordiques logo), that it's sometimes easier to design an entirely new logo than tweak a classic.

So why not go down THAT road?

The old logo always (to me) looked like the letter "S". Why?

...And I like what you're doing here with the graduated lines.

Remove the grey lines altogether so you're only representing the 1 team (Blazers).

Put the grey (silver) into the panels of the ball and remove the white outline.

Now, horizontally flip the image and bingo-bongo, you've got a dynamic new "P" logo, that...

"Respectfully pays tribute to the old Blazers classic blah-blah-blah".

I like the idea that gives you the "P" logo. Use the 5 lines to come up and around a basketball to form a P. Maybe even use gradient from grey to red or something, to get the colors, or just have the P be red, the basketball black and basketball's lines grey.

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