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Letter-modified Pro logos


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I'm not a huge fan of farm teams completely taking on their parent club's identity, but I absolutely love it when they tweak it to give it local flavor or diminutiveness, like in the following examples:

The Columbus Confederate Yankees:


The Moultrie Colt .22s:


Newark Co-Pilots:


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Three great examples, Waffles. That Co-Pilots one actually outlived the Pilots themselves.

Here's another - the Bakersfield Dodgers.


They've re-branded a couple times since then, but the cap logo lives on, having been mistakenly incorporated into the Cooperstown Collection style guide.


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There's something unsettling about that Rockford Expos logo. It's vaguely...tenticular.

And yet only slightly more stupid than the parent club's "elb".

It was an "edb" as in expos du baseball....

No. You're the only one I've heard offer that explanation, so I'm guessing you just made that up...please give us a source on the edb if I'm incorrect.


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Oh that's a trip down memory lane. That was during my "I'm not going to use capital letters when I type because it's the internet" phase.

Also this...

This is why I think it's a failed design. I like it, it's aesthetically pleasing and I respect the team's history, but it's spectacularly unclear.


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