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FIBA uniform database (FIBA Word Championship 2014 all quarter finalists' uniforms added)


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First off, amazing presentation all around. The template is top notch and I love the spotlights of smaller details.

Also it's pretty interesting to see these 80s uniforms. A lot of them look better than what's out there today!

Yes, you're absolutely right: the uniforms back in the 80's were way better than today if forget about, probably, the awful ones of the Brazil National Team (Adidas/Topper era) and Argentina NT (Topper). From what's out right now, The Greece and Italy ones are also great (Champion, best choice today); the Nike ones, definitely not my cup of tea with the exception of team USA (2012, embroidered), and probably Lithuania and France (2008, Hyper Elite, also embroidered). The ones the spaniards were wearing in Slovenia are specially terrible. ¿Spain best era? Adidas from 85 to 87 without a doubt.

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