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Wrigley Field 100 Years logo finalists


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The stadium rendering definitely looks the best on 1. I wanna like 2 if your were to put 1's stadium on it, but the Tuscan font and warped lettering just kinda throws it off. 3 looks ok, but the use of Agency is no better than using Tuscan on 2. Of the choices, 1 is hands down the best.

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I'd go #3, but add some ivy to it somewhere. The tuscan font on #2 is too Red Sox-ish. #1 and #4 are okay, but they aren't my favorite.

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This would have worked if Wrigley's centennial were in 1998.


I like this as artwork, but it's impossible to reproduce at most sizes.


This should be the best one. Simple and to the point. No wasted verbiage or graphic flourishes. The only problem that I can think of is the "lol, weeeeed" factor.


all your baseball are belong to us

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Is it 100 years or 100 seasons. If my math is right, both are not the same.

BTW, I like 3 the best

I know that the years/seasons thing is off in alot of sports, but can it be for baseball? I mean each season there is no carry over to the next year. The season starts in 1914 and it ends in 1914, so wouldn't that match up? I have zero clue I'm just thinking here.

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