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(In)Famous Games You've Attended


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I was thinking that this could be a cool idea for a thread. I remember someone saying awhile back that he attended the game where the Patriots tried to introduce their new logo to the fans in 1978 but it was almost literally booed out of the stadium. I'm pretty sure there's at least one of you out there that attended Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS.

I was just wondering if anyone has any memorable games that they've attended that they'd like to share?

I for one, have had season tickets with the Rams for the past 15 years so I've attended a couple games that I would consider "famous," or at least memorable:

1999 NFC Championship Game

Kurt Warner's TD pass to Rickey Proehl; I've never heard a stadium erupt so loudly, it was crazy.

Super Bowl XXXIV

Kurt Warner throws for a Super Bowl record of 414 yards and of course "The Tackle." I was at this game with my dad, grandpa, and uncle and we were sitting opposite the end zone that the play had occurred in. All I remember is me looking up at my dad (I had just turned 8 years old) and yelling "dad, he didn't make it! We won!" The next thing I know he picks me up and throws me up in the air. Just a couple minutes later we had a camera crew from Fox News come up to our section and interview some of the fans that were sitting in our row, my dad picked me up and put me in front of the camera so that I could be on TV and I yelled "this is unbelievable!" in my mousy prepubescent voice. Quite simply, it was one of the most memorable days of my life.

So if anyone has attended any "famous" or "infamous" games that they'd like to share, post 'em here.

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I went to a 19 inning minor league game:


6 hours, 28 minutes

11 pitchers
508 pitches
32 strike outs
22 hits
13 walks
23 runners left on base

More notes about the game here:


I also went to the Oregon Ducks game where the Oregon mascot beat up the Houston Cougar

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WrestleMania 23

I was at the Raw last year, when Lawler had his heart attack. From the seat I was sitting, I couldn't tell what happened, until fans started chanting his name and everybody looked worried.

I have a friend who attended the Montreal Screwjob.

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The first one to me that came to mind was May 14, 2006, Mother's Day - the first year of the pink bat games. Bill Hall hit a walk-off home run with his pink bat with his mother in attendance. I always thought that was cool.


Earlier that year, the Brewers hit 5 home runs in the fourth inning against the Reds. It was the first time in forty years that it had happened.


Also in 2006 (apparently a memorable sporting year for me), I was in attendance when Michael Redd scored a Milwaukee Bucks-record 57 points in a losing effort.


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The only "famous" thing that I have been in attendance for was when Joey Lagano flipped his car 8 times at Dover a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention when it happened because I was watching Jeff Gordon who was on the other side of the track.

I like this idea for a thread!

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Giants vs Padres, August 2007. Barry Bonds ties Hank Aaron's record. I have no idea if he got booed. I was cheering too loudly to care.

Giants vs 49ers. NFC first round 2003. Niners came into the 4th down 32, stormed back to take a 1 point lead, Giants got themselves in field goal range with almost no time left, Trey Junkett blows the snap, no PI called on the Niners (It was definitely PI, I was sitting in that end one), Niners grab the second biggest come from behind win in NFL playoff history.

Boise State vs Nevada, 2010. Colin Kaepernick wills the Pack back from down huge, Boise missiles a pair of field goals, and Nevada snaps Boise's huge winning streak in overtime to win the WAC and denies Boise a shot at the National Championship Game.

Last weeks Derpy Bowl, ASU beats Wisconsin 32-30 on terrible clock management.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a game or two. I'll add em if they come to mind.

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Houston Oilers @ Cleveland Browns November 5, 1995: News of the Browns moving to Baltimore had broken the previous day. It was the only time in my life where I actually felt in danger at a game. It was ugly. Fans were ripping seats out and pulling the bench seats out of the Dawg Pound. For some reason, people remember the Browns last home game against the Bengals as the game where all the trouble, etc. took place. It was actually the Houston game where things nearly got out of control. I honestly believe that had Art Modell been in the stadium that day, he never would have gotten out alive. It was that nasty.

Game 5 1984 World Series: The Tigers defeated the Padres to win the World Series. There was quite a riot after the game. Two things that stand out in my memory are a police car that had been flipped over and a bus that was on fire. You could see the smoke from the bus rising above the stadium. It was actually kind of surreal - and more than a little scary. I also remember a charter bus full of people that was being rocked back and forth by a bunch of people. I didn't stick around long enough to see if they actually flipped the bus, but the people inside looked terrified.

The NFL Hall of Fame Game August 9, 1999: The first time the new Cleveland Browns took the field. It was against the Dallas Cowboys. The Browns won that game. It's been pretty much downhill ever since.

Blue Jays @ Indians May 12, 2008: Asdrubal Cabrera turned an unassisted triple play.

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