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Hey everybody! Long time no post. Ive been working on a new personal brand for a while and id like to share it with the board and get some feedback.

If you aren't aware, Im a landscape architecture student at Penn State and I will be graduating at the end of the spring semester so Im starting to put my final portfolio package together. This will be printed and sent to potential employers and/or included with grad school applications.

I was going for refined simplicity, technical/artistic balance, and a black/white theme with hi-res full color images to accompany text, projects, etc. I feel like this theme is carried through pretty well and really speaks to who i am as a designer and communicates my personal style.

The brand is also featured on my portfolio website which can be found here.

My print portfolio can be found here.


Let me know what you think! Any comments and/or criticisms would be appreciated. Thanks!




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Very clean, Chris. I dig it.

i think it's important to mention that the field you're going into (if I'm not mistaken, as I know a few industrial design people as well) isn't going to have a whole lot of competition in terms of solid presentation like this when you graduate. You'd be amazed at how many interviews a professional portfolio/resume will get you out of school. Even in Marketing, I feel like my colorful and very visual resume got me quite a few calls just because it was different. Definitely a good idea to have this all set up before walking across the stage.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Anybody have any suggestions on how i could go about making this pop a little more? Its the only thing about it im not entirely happy with. Also, if you didnt check out the links to my portfolio please do. I think it gives a better representation of the entire brand at work

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Helpful. Why dont you "look with your special eyes" and tell me what you think? My how this board has fallen

Holy cow. It's a joke. Take it easy.

In any case, there's no question you've executed it well. Your typography blocking is solid and well designed. My problem is: the black and white forest with logo overlay look is such a trend anymore that it doesn't actually set you apart from anything and I can't legitimately see your logo through the trees. A splash of a vibrant color, in general, would do you wonders.

I'm also confused as to why your name is in a different font than anywhere else. You should change it to the Bebas Neue font, in my opinion.

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