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The Simpsons: NFL Stereotypes


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Brainstorming some other choices...

Frank Grimes could be a Bills fan (he's really down on his luck)

Principal Skinner could maybe be a Cardinals fan (lovable loser type?)

Mayor Quimby for the Redskins possibly? Mainly just for the political connection. Although his accent could certainly make him a Pats fan.

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Also wasn't there the one episode where Homer's dreams is to own the Cowboys, and he ends up getting the Broncos at his doorstep instead?

Yup, The Hank Scorpio episode, I even think the Broncos had their older uniforms on in the episode. Marge thinks it's a good gift from Hank and Homer laments that Marge doesn't understand football. Funny thing is I think the Broncos won the Super Bowl the next season....while the Cowboys have won................nothing since then.

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Maybe Ned Flanders or Reverend Lovejoy should be the Saints fan? Or just Flanders as a Tebow fan.


I see Flanders more as a Colts fan... bland, whitebred, and offensively inoffensive.

They should give Grandpa a referee uniform.

Grandpa should be a Dayton Triangles or Duluth Eskimos fan. Although if we were doing the NCAA, he'd be an ideal Jayhawks fan.

Cletus Spuckler should no doubt be the Steelers fan.

I say Lenny.

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