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Fixing Virginia Tech's Football Identity

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Right now, Virginia Tech's identity is a complete mess. Most of the time they wear a strange combination of 1960's throwback uniforms (from a time when the program was fairly mediocre) with a logo/helmet that was introduced in 1983. Sometimes they wear awful ripoffs of other teams' uniforms. And then there's the laughably ugly alternate helmets.

What's sad is that they used to have a fantastic identity back when Nike was designing unique, modern uniforms for them. They also have one of the best color schemes in sports, which is being wasted on their current piss-poor aesthetics. Here's my idea on how to fix it:

HELMETS: No more ridiculous-looking helmets. Just simple maroon, orange, and white lids.


REGULAR UNIFORMS: Based on their 2008 set, albeit adjusted to the ProCombat template and with different pants stripes. The number font is taken from their 2010 ProCombat uniform.




THROWBACK: Instead of throwing back to Beamer's playing days, I think it makes a lot more sense for VT to throw back to the uniforms they wore when Vick led them to the national title game. Just sayin'.



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Are you doing full mix/match unis? I'm not the biggest fan of the orange pants or helmet for VT in most applications. The rest looks pretty good though. Not particularly innovative but you don't always need that.

In a side note, how strange is it that we're now throw in back to the late 90's? *mind blown*

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