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Canadian National League - TORONTO pt.1


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Introducing my first concept series; The Canadian National League!


This soccer (or football, or whatever) league consisting of 12 teams spanning this glorious country was founded in 1929 when 4 Canadian teams disbanded from the United States League (which I may or may not complete & post at a later date) because they felt they were not being treated fairly. Since then the league has been respectable internationally and has been able to draw decent talent from elsewhere.


Toronto Union

Old Toronto FC

Montreal OSC

Ottawa SC

National de Québec

Vancouver FC

Calgary Dynamo

Edmonton Barons

Winnipeg Wanderers

Saskatchewan Renegades

Hamilton City FC

Atlantic FC

I already have most of the logos done and some of the kits, so I won't really be open to name changes. I'll probably post one or two per day, and i'll definitely be open to making changes based on critisism.

The Template:

I will be using theflakeband's templates simply because they're the best paint templates around

All my work, kit-wise, is done on paint.net and most of my logos are from inkscape converted to paint.

The first thing i'll post is the league logo, featuring a red maple leaf (of course) with a C.N.L. monogram in the middle


Hope you like, and stay tuned for more!

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Starting from out east, it's The Atlantic Football Club.

Founded in 2001, the checkers are the newest club in the CNL. They have had relatively little success thus far, but they have a youthful squad full of potential and hopes are higher than ever.

For the crest, I have gone fairly simple with the only real elements being the checkerboard pattern and the bird from the halifax flag.


The kits feature a checker pattern (hence the nickname), similar to that of croatia, but blue.

I went orange for the away with some simple checker patterns to keep with the identity, and I did a little playing around with the checkers for the alt to make it a little more unique.

The sponsor is CanJet, an airline hq'd in the area.


So there ya go! C&C will of course be appreciated

Stick around for more!

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These are really nice, but I might lose some of the checkers on the home.

Would you suggest taking them off the back? I agree that would make it a lot less busy

Yes, that would help. It might also help to make the squares a little smaller.

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No one? Okay, hopefully this will change things. :grin:

Moving west, it's Le Club National de Québec.

Founded in 1965, they were once one of two clubs in Quebec City. In order to surpass their rival, they wanted to reach out to a larger fanbase, so they adopted the "National" moniker.

The plan worked, as they outlasted the other team to become the lone club in the city.

"Les Voyageurs" had relative success spread across their history, with a couple of titles to boast.

The crest features a ship in reference to their aforementioned nickname, and the rest kinda speaks for itself


The home kit is in the club colours of gold & purple and features a wavy chest stripe in the middle

The away kit has a sublimated pattern to make it a little more interestng

Desjardins, a Quebec-based creit union, is the sponsor


I'm hoping to get a little more response to Québec, but if not, i guess c'est la vie (see what i did there?)

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This is quite nice, though the blue in the crest seems kind of out of place. I really like the home though. I find that soccer shirts with no front kit sponsor often look a little plain, but you've solved that problem nicely with the purple waves.

As for Atlantic, the checkers are a bit much. Your 3rd is beautiful though, as the checkers aren't so gaudy. Work with that idea more.

Good work so far, though. Keep it up!

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UPDATE for Atlantic:


Updated the home shirt using nas' suggestion of using the idea of the 3rd kit for the home

Went with a "fading checker" pattern where the squares get smaller as they get further from the diagonal row

I think it looks cool, what do y'all think? Is it too much for a home kit?

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The next team is Montréal Olympique SC, or simply Montréal OSC.

One of the original clubs, they were originally known merely as Montreal SC, but added the "Olympique" following the Olympics in the 70's. They are one of the most storied clubs in the CNL, having the second highest number of titles.

They lack an official nickname, but they are often referred to as "les Olympiques" (how creative!) or "les blancs" because of their kits

Nothing much to the badge, just the team name and part of the city logo below. Simplicity is the idea here


The kits are all-white with multicoloured adidas stripes all over. Besides that, there really isn't anything else.

The roadies are a nod to the local hockey team, the Canadiens.


More to arrive soon!

And i'd like to know what you think about my Atlantic update, so be sure to check that out too! :)

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For Quebec and Atlantic, decide on one place for the sponsor. it's confusing to see it move all over the place. The update for Atlantic is pretty good. Quebec's home shirt design could be used on all its kits.

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Alright, didn't expect much for MTL, so here's:

Ottawa SC

Despite being one of the original clubs, Ottawa doesn't have nearly as big of a trophy case as some of the other old clubs, with only a handful of championships in it. Right now, however, the Capitals are a powerhouse and a top contender to win this season.

They are sometimes also referred to as "the hoops for reasons which you'll see later.

The logo features a Parthenon, to establish an image of power and dominance, with a maple leaf on top to show Canadian patriotism.


A red, black and white barberpole is the feature of the home kit, with the stripes cut off at the back to reduce clutter and make the name and numbers more visible

The away is blue to avoid clash with each of the 3 colours on the home, and has stripe that ends up as a ribbon, like in the crest.

The alternate is a simple halved kit, a tribute to their original kits.


As always, C&C welcome. :D

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Isn't the Ottawa maple leaf the same as the league logo one?

I was afraid you'd pick up on that. :P

But yeah, I got a little lazy there, but here's a fix (hopefully):


Instead of having the leaf just slapped on there, I now incorporated it into the roof of the structure. I mean, it's still the same leaf, just less obvious :D

Think it's better?

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