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I'm not a fan of the blue/gold/blue sleeve stripes on the white jersey particularly (I like it for the others though). I'd go with blue/white/blue for that one or just do the Chan Gailey-era sleeve stripes for all jerseys.

Not that I dislike all the pants, but I think the gold pants with the white jerseys is the absolute best look. The navy pants really wouldn't work for Georgia Tech particularly with any of the jerseys. Consider making gold pants an option for the blue jerseys.

I'd change the number font if you're going for a more traditional look. Pick a block font that makes 2s look like flipped 5s, i.e. where the middle of the 2 is a horizontal line. Pick a font that has as little curvature and as few diagonal lines as possible. That type of font is more traditional, old-school looking.

One last thing: make sure the white is the primary home jersey. Not only is that one of Georgia Tech's traditions, but typically teams with gold or yellow helmets but with very dark jerseys tend look better when they're in white. Vanderbilt, Wyoming, LSU, Purdue, Wake Forest, etc. along with the Saints all look better in my opinion when they wear white. Gold helmets and white jerseys seem to complement each other very well.

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This is how I think Georgia Tech should look. Simple and Traditional


+1, outstanding! Georgia Tech tries too hard to be who they aren't. It really comes off as silly looking. Last year's beehive numbers were horrible.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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