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Houston Thunderbears revisited


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Time flies...and I'll tell you what, I thought I'd put together this set more recently than I actually did. And since there are a few old threads being vote-bumped, I ask that you only look, don't touch as far as the old post is concerned. Anyway, I went through my old files and thought I could've done a bit better than I did. Mainly, I figured the bear-cloud could've done with longer claws. And a nosejob.


And then I figured I could do something different from the usual lightning bolts dominating the rest of the uniform. The jersey is largely inspired by two of the Arena league's all time best unis, the classic Arizona Rattlers and pre-NBC San Jose Sabercats, specifically their unconventional usage of that most traditional feature of the football uniform, the Northwestern stripe (copper/turquoise snakeskin and a rising sun, respectively). In this case, the bulk of the stripe features a rainstorm (yeah, like that one Lightning jersey).


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