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Didn't see a thread for the baseball playoffs, so here it is. Included is my bracket similar to the NHL playoffs I used last season, with a few additions.

Updated 10/28/2013: Sorry been lacking on the updates, then was out of town. Anyway, bracket now updated. Red Sox one win away from being World Series Champions.



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Una pregunta, why is Detroit black and orange instead of their blue and orange?

By the way, I thought this setup was really cool for the NHL postseason. Glad to see you doing it again.

Yeah thanks. I got the idea with a grass texture I was working on and thought back to the NHL one I did and decided to try it.

With regards to the Tigers - It's actually Navy, taken directly from their color scheme, but I just noticed it shows up black rather than navy - I'll get that corrected and update the bracket. On my screen the Dodgers blue looks darker than it should be. I've done a color calibration for my monitor and everything else seems good, but blue seems to have issues on it.

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TBS' coverage and graphics are horrendous. Again, this time semi-making up for the non-pregame intros and stuff, tonight they showed them - but with music overlays, and talking heads yappin'.

At the end of the 3rd or so of the NLCS as TBS went to commercial with the game tied 2-2, the score overlay graphic was all screwy and showed the Dodgers 0, and the Cardinals box empty, along with the hits and error boxes blank.

You might be saying this is nit-picky, and it probably is, but TBS did this in the Cardinals/Pirates NLDS in game five when the Cardinals where leading 2-0, they incorrectly put it as the Pirates leading 2-0.

That on top of horribly corny puns, incorrect team names, players names and the announcers not knowing what inning it is, etc.

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We get it, TBS. The Cardinals have their own special way of doing things with draft picks and bullpen pilates. We don't need to hear about it every half inning.

Oh, those lovable little scrapper Cardinals, barely making it by with their top ten payroll. God bless their little inspirational hearts.

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