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Good Marathon Logos?


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I've been tapped to design a logo for the Maritime Marathon in Manitowoc, WI; a relatively small race that only began a couple years ago. In doing research, I've come to find that most marathon logos are pretty cheesy and terrible, if even logos at all... even the New York Marathon is just text with a sponsor's logo.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to see if anyone knows of any good logos from marathons in their areas.

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That is by far the best marathon logo I've seen yet... not that that's saying much. :D

Honestly, I posted it, then noticed the thread mentioned "good" in the title, and I contemplated wether or not the logo was any good (I do like the logo, to be honest).

Really, though; I think if you take history of your town and/or the area in which it is taking place into consideration, you can come up with something interesting and relevant. Especially if it is taking place somewhere small, or if it involves a modest amount of participants, you might be able to get away with something possibly cartoony or, dare I say gimmicky (not in a bad way..kind of like what I posted).

I know you probably want to do something classic or something that will stand the test of time, I think we all aspire to make that one logo that stands out above all. However, it doesn't have to be anything groundbreaking or amazing, it really just has to be something your community will be proud of, and that you can stand by.

Good luck with your design, I know it can be stressful and nerve-wracking, but it will be worth it! (Also an update would be awesome!)

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@chriscj83: You might be interested to know that Manitowoc has a huge mural on the side of what used to be an Anheuser-Busch barley plant that's sometimes referred to as the "Paul Bunyan Beers."


The only other interesting thing about Manitowoc is that the Sputnik 4 satellite crashed there on September 5, 1962... the same day my aunt was born in Manitowoc.

That said, I think I'm going to focus on Manitowoc's ship-building heritage, which is the reason the race is called the Maritime Marathon. There's plenty of imagery to work with in a name like that.

@smith03: I agree... that leaf-man is one of the most beautiful logos I've seen in any sport. They really made a mistake getting rid of it... especially when the last update made it damn near perfect.

Anyway, expect my first draft in the concepts folder in the next couple days.

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I've ran a few marathons around Wisconsin. There's nothing worse than a crappy race T-Shirt. I usually just throw them out now since I have so many crappy ones, or use the dri-fit ones with bad logos as dust wipes. Twin Cities marathon had pretty cool shirts a few years ago.

Stay away from generic running stuff like winged foots, people running, ect. Definately use the Maritime heratage of the city. Have you ever been to the museum there? Check out the sub they have there, that would look cool on a shirt. Or some of the older ships with sails maybe?

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