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College Hockey Concepts


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True to the title this is a college hockey thread, but not like you know it. Just think about if college hockey was as popular as college football, and the conferences were just like football, you know: ACC, AAC, Big 12, BIG, etc. So, I'll just bounce around the teams, which isn't included to just the football conference teams, I'll get to some actual college hockey teams.

I'm gonna start with Wyoming.


Wyoming football has grown into one of the best looking teams in the college football landscape in the recent years, and I wanted to translate that to the ice rink. If you've followed the College Football Uniform 2013 thread, then this should make sense to you. I like the brown W helmet, with the yellow stripe. I tried that, it didnt work, so I went to the White/Yellow/White stripe and the bucking bronco/cowboy logo. The yellow jersey is very collegiate. Canadiens-esque stripe across the chest, W on the front, "Cowboys" under it. The bottom 2 jerseys are for the Border War with Colorado State. Simple change, no hem stripe, flag in the logo, script above the logo. C and C, and Colorado State will be next.

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