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American Football Association C&C Please - Seattle Added


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I recently purchased pro football simulator. One of the features of the game is that you can upload your own logos, midfield, and endzone art. I really wanted to upload a league that I've been playing around with for years. I've started to come up with Logos for the various teams and wanted to get some C and C. The league itself started as various other leagues around the 1910's. Because of this the teams themselves are very localized in areas that might not otherwise have teams or have multiple teams, for instance there is a Minneapolis franchise and a rival St. Paul franchise. As most of the work is going to made up to go into this game I'm only going to do some logo and helmet work for now. If I get a chance later I'll probably try to do some uniform work as well. But for my skill level currently, novice, The logo and helmet art will be challenging enough.

Up for your consideration first is the Minneapolis Millers and the St. Paul Saints. The idea is that both cities started club teams in the late 19th century. When a new league formed in the 20's with roaring 20's money the two clubs joined. While the Millers went through a redesign in the 60's with the advent of new helmets the Saints kept the halo they had painted on their old leather helmets. What do you guys think?

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So I'm doing a 30 team League, divided into two leagues, Sub divided into 3 divisions, east, west and central. I'm doing this a division at a time.

United Football Conference

Central DIvision

St. Paul Saints

Minneapolis Millers

Nebraska Jackalopes

Milwaukee Millers

Chicago Shepherds

Here is the remainder of the division. Like I said C&C is much appreciated. I'm still not sure what I'm doing.

Milwaukee Masons- Milwaukee is known as the Cream City, not for their dairy business, but for the unique color of the bricks produced there. The team became known as the masons because of the color of their stadiums bricks.



Chicago Shepherds- I really liked the alliteration. In the history the team was formed by a bunch of Jewish butchers who specialized in sheep.



Nebraska Jackalopes- A unique creature for the area, the Jackalope is a unique part of Nebraska culture.



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I agree with ThePeam...good start.

The Jackalopes' logo would be a little more dynamic if the ears were longer and a tad narrower.

They would extend a little from the circular shape of the face.

You don't need the squiggly line at the bottom.

Again, good start.

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I actually like the face and horn from the first logo better.

I'm not sure about the white circle.

It takes away from the from the simplicity of the original face.

It does look better without the squiggle.

Again, I think if you just extend the ear back and down a bit on your first jack, it would look pretty good.

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Thank you very much for all the critiques. I'm starting in on the AFC West. The teams are:

San Francisco Seals

Portland Otters

Seattle Bombers

Dallas Coyotes

Arizona Phoenix

First up is the Seals. The team itself started in the 70's so I tried to create a kind of surfer vibe to the logo.



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Guest darkpiranha

My guess would be to make it less flat and more flamey. Because that's my only complaint about it as well. It looks like a dog or something sitting down right now. I see what you're trying to do, but I'd go all the way and give the phoenix a bottom half and maybe even some flamey claws. For the Seals, I think it should have the 'board' on it every time. I love the board and once I know it's there, when it's not there, it just looks wrong or incomplete.

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