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TylerG's NHL Redesign (Sabres Added)


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I've been wanting to do a NHL redesign for a while, I've finally gotten around to starting one. Anyway, I will try to go in alphabetical order, but if I have a great idea for someone, I won't hesitate to make it. Enjoy. (Also, if you want to, check out my NHL Uniform Matchup Database @ http://goo.gl/Lq4sEd)

Anaheim Ducks

Buffalo Sabres


Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated. Thanks.

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Buffalo looks great. Very clean. Makes one wonder why they didn't just go with something like this rather than adding the unnecessary piping and numbers.


Anaheim... Umm, yeah the green shoulders is not working for me... Don't think it looks good with that color combination... Or at least with the striping... Maybe mix the current jerseys striping with your design there? Might be interesting. Kudos on using the old colors and logo though, they are much more interesting than their current set. Do not like this set right now though, sorry. 5/10

Edit: thought on the ducks jersey, seeing the guys signature with old ducks jerseys makes me think the jade at the bottom needs to be more prominent, maybe just move the stripes up a bit. Feel like the arms would look better with jade sleeves and purple shoulders instead as well. Just a better color balance.

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