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Here you go: count 'em SIX Football Field Designs compatible for Microsoft Paint:

Standard Field


Multi-Colored Turf (like Nebraska's)


Black "Natural Rubber" Field:


Red "Blood of War" Field (Like Eastern Washington's field)


Blue "Smurf Turf" Field (like Boise State's)


And, because we all cant get enough pink, a Pink Sideline "BCAM" Field :D :


Enjoy! I will make edits to it if needed. If you want a different colored turf, just post below and your request will be heard!

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These are based off of one that is more realistic and had multi-colored turf but these are easier to fill like the endzones. Plus, if there is a logo that is pixelated on the edges and you were to put it on the realistic template, it was a pain. I might make a basketball court and a field with a baseball diamond on it

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