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Minor Uniform Tweaks


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I never noticed, but in the Alonzo Mourning/Tim Hardaway days, the Heat actually modified their font very slightly. Check it out:

Thicker font:


Thinner font:


Are there any other teams that made changes like this that people just didn't pick up on?

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I think the Heat started wearing this red alternate jersey during the 1995-96 season and in the 1996-97 season it had the gold NBA logoman to celebrate NBA's 50th anniversary. Those are the last two years of the NBA's contract with Champion. Beginning 1997-98, Nike started making Miami's jerseys, but only made it for two seasons before the current V-neck jerseys were introduced. It appears that it was then that the font thickness changed when the Nike contract began (and the space inside the letter "A" became bigger and more noticeable).

Last year's throwback worn in February mimics the Champion Sports era jerseys, not the Nike ones from 1997-98 and 1998-99.

(Researched Getty Images photos from 1995-96 and compared them to 1996-97, 1997-98 jerseys, as well as Feb. 2013 jerseys.)

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