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The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

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I want a Bill's knock off of last years uni now that they are changing looks

Why would you do that when you can buy them right now on their official team shop for over 50% off? You'd pay more in shipping for the China piece of %^&$ jersey than you would for the real deal.

a half off authentic would still be over $100 , how is that better ?

I googled official site and all they sell is replicas

Here you go!!

Buffalo Bills authentic jerseys

They are now way over 50% off. Gotta look at more than one site, champ. Never...EVER buy a piece of :censored: fake. Always go real or don't go at all.

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Do they have multiple versions of each letter available for whatever position it falls in the arc? So are there like 4 "U"s? Or are they custom-cut?

I think there are a few variations per letter that can be used to accommodate most situations. I'm sure if they really needs something special for an on ice jerseys they will custom make it.

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Here's my one 'knockoff' that I got years ago off ebay from China or Singapore (don't remember). Was just looking for something different to "match" a red jersey with white and black that I wore on the ice.

WHA's Michigan Stags #8 - Gruen.

Wear it on the ice once in a while - Didn't know it when i bought it, but has the name of a local player who played for the Stags on the back.

Was about the quality I'd expected when i got it - so/so - it's a light mesh jersey. Jersey and striping have held up better than expected - front crest is starting to wear in spots on the red part and will probably wear through completely in spots eventually (in time the numbers will too - made of same type of material). When it wears through and starts looking rough will probably make my own stags crest out of tackle twill to replace it.


Have one other sweater that might be a knockoff might be legit - I have no idea. From Korea seller on Ebay a couple years ago: Sabres retro jersey made from wool? or possibly wool/acrylic blend? doesn't say - tag says "Machine Wash in Cold Water. Dry Hand Wash Remove Promptly. No Bleach. Dry Clean Only." (not exactly great washing instructions). Has felt Sabres crest on front - Buffalo is felt swords are embroidered. Tagged Reebok by Roger Edwards on collar and that plus 'Vintage Hockey' on front bottom of jersey. Very nice jersey for wearing around; have worn it around a bit but haven't washed it yet - not sure if it will stand a machine washing, might try washing by hand.


Everything else I have are legit replicas, beer league jerseys, or homemade jerseys. Wear almost all of them on the ice in 'pickup' aka 'scrub' hockey. Only have one Reebok jersey for wearing one ice - a replica Milwaukee Admirals 3rd jersey - generally prefer CCM or Athletic Knit or similar jersey style, but loved the look of the logo.

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Apparantly Tie Domi played for the St. Pats...


They're fine with that one. (even though the jersey quality sucks. Look at the positioning of the the team name on the stripes.)The 2001-2002 team wore St. Pats jerseys for one game to honour the team's 75th anniversary


Tim Horton, on the other hand, didn't.


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