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If every city Unified their team colors


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I want to start a project I don't think I've seen done on here where we visualize a world in which cities have unified all their professional sports colors under one scheme (like Pittsburgh has done with black and yellow)

These are my initial thoughts as to which colors each city should choose to represent themselves. I was hoping for feedback on the color choices and am open to different suggestions for different cities. The first concepts will be up this weekend if everything goes smoothly (new here so if this is a rule violation or this post would be better suited elsewhere please let me know)

Boston - Scarlet Navy and Silver

New York 1 - Green and White

Miami - Aqua and Coral

Buffalo - Blue and Yellow

Pittsburgh - Black and Yellow

Cleveland - Brown and Orange

Baltimore - Orange and Black

Cinci - Red and White

Houston - Red White And Blue

Tennessee - Red and Baby Blue

Denver - Royal Blue and Maroon

Kansas - Red and Yellow

Oakland - Black and Silver

San Diego - Powder Blue and Yellow

Dallas - Royal Blue and Silver

New York 2 - Navy and White

Philly - Kelly Green and Silver

dc - Red Gold and Navy

Detroit - Crimson and White

Wisconsin - Green and Yellow

Chicago - Black and White

Minnesota - Red and Blue

NOLA - Black and Gold

ATL - Red Black and Silver

Tampa Bay - Red and Pewter

Carolina - Baby Blue Black and Silver

Seattle - Navy Silver and Neon Green

San Francisco - Red and Gold

Arizona - Red and Black

St Louis - Red and White

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I had thought of doing this, but you beat me to the punch. In glancing at your proposals it seems to me that in quite a few cities you are picking one team's colors and making everyone match the other teams to them instead of looking to incorporate colors from different teams. (I am sure you did that with some cities, like I said I did a quickly scrolled through them.)

For example, with KC think about incorporating blue. It makes sense that the Royals would be royal blue. I think you could match it with red. The Kansas Jayhawks go with red and blue and IMO they have one of the best looks in college sports. I think both the Royals and Chiefs could work with a red and blue color scheme.

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I think what everyone is saying is the way you approached this: What if every team in New York wore Yankees colors where it would be a more interesting discussion if you said What if every team in New York wore the colors of New York (Blue and Orange)

So for example: Maryland: Red Yellow and Black. Philadephia: the flag is sky blue and yellow, or you can go with a patrtiotic Red White Blue or Maybe Red Blue Gold. New Orleans I would go with a Mardi Gras color of Green Purple Gold.

Something along those lines.

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Sorry If I missed it but where is DC?

Between Philly and Detroit. Colors are red Gold and Navy.

I did leave off Indy. I'll have to play around with it but right now leaning towards blue and gold

I know I missed it somewhere.

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I went with Navy and White because I dare not touch the sacred Yankees

But the Mets & Knicks use Blue & Orange and the flag of the city is Blue and Orange (To pay heritage to the Dutch who founded New Amsterdam, which eventually became New York)

New York could probably stand to have two sets of colors. Midnight blue, red, and white could be applied to the teams traditionally associated with Manhattan and The Bronx (Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Rangers), with royal blue and orange going for the teams traditionally assocaited with Long Island (Mets, Jets, Nets, Islanders).

Of course, that would lead to the awkwardness of the Knicks and Nets using colors similar to that of their cross-town rivals.

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the Flyers in kelly green?

The Bruins in scarlet and navy?

Bengals in red and white?

The Broncos Orange Crush switched to maroon and navy?

and as previously mentioned, the Blues in red and white?

I think there needs to be some tough questioning and debate going on, as well as some justifying concepts, before you go with this list.

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