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Kansas City Chiefs jersey concept


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Hey guys, I'm doing my first concept here. Wanted to do the chiefs since they are my team. This is a classic team with a lot of history so I wanted to try a style that is more classic. My inspirations for doing this are the packers with their throwback jersey and michigan with one of their alternates. (see packers http://www.packerranter.com/2010/12/1929-year-to-remember.html ) and (michigan http://blog.prusnyder.com/ann-arbor-real-estate/notre-dame-vs-michigan-football-game-2011/)

I know a lot of people don't like to mess with the chiefs since they haven't changed at all since the start of the franchise, but there isn't any harm in playing around


Let me know what yall think and when I get the time I can go back and do the pants, socks and helmet

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Honestly, this kind of number-in-arrow idea would look great on a helmet, but not on the jersey. The Packers works because it is a symmetrical circle, while yours is not. But take the classic current jersey and pair it with a special helmet similar to this, and it would look great.

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I really enjoy this kind of outside-the-box thinking. Here are my thoughts:

-What if you rotated the arrowhead so it was facing straight up instead?

-Maybe try incorporating some more yellow or playing with the sleeve stripes just to see what it looks like.

-As dsaline said, this would look good on a helmet. I'd like to see them put this on the helmet full-time.

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Thanks for the criticism guys. I'll definitely mess around with the helmet. I never thought to put the numbers in the arrowhead there for some reason. Any ways rotating the arrowhead was an easy adjustment. 90 degree roatation makes look like a christmas tree, so I did another with one at about a 20 degree tilt. It definitely has a 90's feel to it, but would look super weird if actually done.

These are just rough deigns that I did in a few minutes just so you could have a visual. If you like them i can roll with it and clean them up and do a whole uniform concept with helmet, pants and home and away and what not.

90 degree http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/ae236/davidbru1/90degree_zpsee3f1bdf.jpg

20 degree http://i975.photobucket.com/albums/ae236/davidbru1/90s_zps0a98c6e9.jpg

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