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Help ID Some Mystery Vintage Sports Logos On Some Hats!


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Hi everyone, I'm new here and looking for some help. I collect old hats, so I go to a lot of thrift stores looking for them. Over the past few months I've found some hats that have me stumped, and I figured this would be a great place to check out and possibly get some answers. I'd love to know any info about the teams, if they still exist, if the hats are worth anything, etc. pretty much any info is appreciated, thanks in advance! (I also posted this in the Thrift Store finds thread, but I figured it would get more exposure as an individual post).

#1 Baltimore Stars. I heard it was some random league football team in the 80's but other than that I have no idea

#2 I have no idea what team this is, the inside says MLB officially licensed, but I cant for the life of me figure it out.

#3 Again, No idea. It's a fitted New Era from the 70's 80's, my first thought was phillies but I realized that their logo was totally different at the time. It vaguely resembles their logo in the 50's but this hat is too new for that. I suppose it could be a regional team, but the logo is sewn which looks pretty professional.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!



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