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Capitals Concept (update 11/7)

hockey week

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I once had a Capitals fan explain to me that their current look is a football thing. It's meant to look sleek and football-like so fans can relate. Well, now that the Caps have done a lot better at gathering a fan base, I think it's time to transition to something a little more hockey-like, and take advantage of their awesome secondary logo, while not completely forgetting their roots. The look is meant to evoke the 90s teams, the most hockey-like they've looked, while still Rocking the Red, and I wanted to include the stars somewhere, and I think the shoulder effect would be unique in the league, as well as reminiscent of their original star-spangled sweaters.

So, without further ado, my version of the Caps:



I debated off-color shoulders, thought it might be too busy. Thought about the wordmark on the shoulders, and it doesn't shrink as well as I'd like. Thought about putting stars directly above the Weagle, but why detract from that great logo?

Was I wrong in any of my debates or would you like to see some tweaks?



I'm all ears.

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I like your idea but you might want to make the road helmet red. Just a thought

The road helmet has to be white. NHL rules.

Anyways, I like the idea, but I think there are too many stripes. I'd eliminate the last stripe or two on each side.

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Yeah I'd make the pants either solid color or a red stripe with a white outline. Other than that, it looks really good.

I think Jake has a good idea here. Either solid or a bit more striping on the pants would look good and match the jersey better.

This is a nice looking redesign here.

I think the white jersey on this set looks perfect, stripes look great, socks look good. Nice balance to the jersey.

The red home jersey is good but the balance of colors doesn't seem quite right. Needs less white more blue, I think having the striping echo the white jersey, with a large blue stripe instead of red would make this set perfect.

Nice work on this, btw. I really like the use of the eagle logo and stars on the shoulders... Really ties the look together while also harkening to previous uniforms. Best Capitals concept I have seen in some time.

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I think its à good looking balance. You could potentially move the diagonal stripes down more towards the end of the sleeves if you're worried about color spacing. Just a couple pixels shifted over could look quite nice.

Some other suggestions would be to maybe change the collar, a two color for each with the current insert color on the outside could be quite nice. Maybe a star or two at end of the sleeves would look good too? Still à very solid concept, good work here. Look forward to seeing more stuff from you.

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