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Cannot BELIEVE that no one has requested Mike the Tiger from LSU's helmet =)


This one was kinda tuff also. Hope I did it justice!


THIS!!!! This right here!!!! Spot-on my man!! I've been on this board almost ten years and have seen countless artists attempt updates of all varieties and this is the best one by far hands-down. This would be the perfect, subtle way for LSU to update this logo on their helmets ala Arizona and Seattle. Thank you so much for attempting this one and ALL of these request. I know first-hand how overwhelming it can be to try to fill all of them and you're doing an awesome job.

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I may start helping out with this, just depends on my free time and whatnot.

Anyway, with Ren's permission, here's my contribution to the thread.

I did this back in '09 when the AFL Legacy uniforms were announced.


Well done.

ren, LSU and the Dolphins fix are outstanding. The Tiger face looks ablaze. I love it.

I'd love to see what you do with those Texas Tech and Tulsa logos.

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No requests from me, since I see that you already have your plate quite full, but I just wanted to send some praise your way. This thread is simply stunning. It's full of some of the greatest work I've ever seen on these boards, and I've been here quite awhile. Not only are you filling requests, but you're knocking them all out of the park in a timely fashion.

Superb work, man. Keep it up!

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