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I don't think you saw this, but could you update this old logo of Rowdy of the Dallas Cowboys from the 60s?


There are better versions of this logo out there. Here's a colored version of the one from the mothership.


and the same with more gradient shading that is probably advisable and going in a different direction.


The ones I'd like to see are the defunct teams of the NFL, for whom no better logo exists.

Canton Bulldogs


Dayton Triangles


Duluth Eskimos


Providence Steam Rollers


Frankfurt Yellow Jackets


Those would be fantastic and honestly serve a purpose. Ren69, what you're doing is extremely cool. If you can update the logos I'll make a topic with Modern versions of the uniforms and helmets of defunct NFL teams.

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... what the hell is THIS supposed to be?

From what I've read it's a wolfman. 1922 would have been well before the Lon Chaney JR movies. Now why a wolfman on a team named Providence Steam Rollers? I dunno.

It looks like the logo for some studio that does sitcoms.

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How about an update for Huffy, the now retired mascot of The University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane?

Just renewing the request for an update for Huffy in case it got lost among the subsequent requests. Thanks!

Just and FYI for you, and everyone else making requests... He does them in the order which he chooses to, not in the order of which was requested.

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Would be nice to get some $$, lol but I think if they really wanted to bring back their vintage logos they would look to hire a professional logo company to do it for them. Still sounds good though. Thank you all for the positive feedback!!

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