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These are really terrific versions of great logos. You managed to update them without altering their essential character.

Would you take some suggestions on a few logos that need updating?

Sure, Just worked on this NDSU vintage logo yesterday for Milkman14.


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These are all spectacular. Any general tips for other people looking to try this out?

For me it's about keeping it simple & not overthinking the design. Use the more defined lines of the logo as your starting point then progress from there. This can be easily achieved by simply printing out the logo you want to work on & tracing those defined lines. A light table or tracing paper are ideal for this but not a must. Once you have your line work laid out then you can begin adjusting those lines to your liking. Once that's complete just scan it & use your favorite drawing program to finish it. Always take your time because rushing through the design will more than likely show in your finished artwork. Hope this helps & maybe we'll see a vintage logo design from you sometime soon.

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Hot damn, that SMU redo and the Colorado buffalo (which was always a generic logo used by many different teams) are top shelf! These are all worthy enough to be pressed into actual service by the universities. Great work, Tex!

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