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Can you please update, enlarge and convert my fantasy logos into vector format? One with shadows and one without. We have 8 teams. I'll request them one at a time. I'd very much appreciate it. I normally don't like to ask for things because I know how much work is involved with this stuff but what you are doing is just too good to pass up.

First logo.


UPDATE: Btw, the color definition are as follows:

Goldish color: R. 188 G. 143 B. 28 or Hex = BC,8F,1C

Navy Color: R. 0 G. 0 B. 25 or Hex = 00,00,19

Thanks again!!

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Could you do a maroon and gold version? Doesn't have to be that crazy. If that takes too long that's fine I can take a stab at it myself. The update is fantastic though.


Could you do a maroon and gold version? Even if its just the black is maroon and the U i the background is gold? If that takes too long I can try and figure it out. It looks great though. Thanks!

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Thanks for appreciating what all goes into doing these. Don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up but at least this little collection will always be here & if ever anybody feels like contributing to it they can always do so.

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Extraordinary kindness is a good way to put it. There are many of us here who love vintage logos and this is a very entertaining thread, but ren is lending his talent toward improving and preserving these old and forgotten graphic representations. Thanks for that.

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Updated Request with Shaded and Unshaded logos [separate Pictures]

Dark Maroon Background with regular size and wallpaper size

School Name : New Holstein Huskies

Team Colors: Dark Maroon,Black,White

Can you make a photo collage with all the logos you did in one picture

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