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can you work this high school logo for me...the gloves, train and hat don't have clean lines and are too busy for the logo. No need to include the letters above and below. Thanks in advance. Really enjoyed following this thread and terrific collection of work you have here.


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I could help doing exact duplicates of older logos, if someone knew who to submit them to to have them uploaded to the site.

Making exact duplicates of older logos would be a great service to the community! Would you be willing to start with these St. Louis Cardinals historical "birds on the bat" logos, noting the differences in the evolution of the birds on the bat design over the years? The version on the Cardinals' page on the main site that is labelled as "1924 - 1948" should actually be 1936 - 1948; and the one that is labelled "1957 - 1997" should actually be 1966 - 1997. If you can do the other birds on the bat logos shown on this resource (other than the 1951 - 1955 and the 1966 and later logos on the sheet below, which are already on the main site), that would be great:


Thanks in advance for your willingness to make these older logos!

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^ Well by golly that's where my High School(Ames)'s Quarterback is headed next year! He'll(Straub) do great things, I'm hoping so at least.. As for my reply, here's a clearer image. :)


Good gravy, I've been looking for that forever. If you tell me you Googled it, I might lose it. :P

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I had forgotten about this absolutely amazing post. The artwork here has been stunning (I just finished looking through all of the pages). First and foremost, Ren, thanks for the vectorizing of the Tiger mascot I submitted ages ago, you did a astounding job. My hat goes off to the other artists that have been producing these amazing works also. I appreciate the labor of love that you guys are putting forth in this. I see a lot of mascots have been covered, but I have a couple i have not seen submitted yet. If you guys don't get to them, it is understandable, but I think people may just appreciate seeing these regardless. Sorry for rambling, but thanks again for the great work Ren and others.


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Never one to make things easy. I have a request for a logo that I have no earthly idea as to it's origins. And it's no easy one.

I present to you...RoboCardinal

And I leave any re-creative liberty to you, Ren.


Yowzas. Maybe from the old St. Louis (football) Cardinals?

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