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2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)


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Sadly, there still is no argyle.

So, like, what's the point of them even being a team then?

I know you are probably joking around but the reason can be found here:

The formation and naming of the Argyle Football Club

I did know the story, but did appreciate your link as it was a good read. I was definitely saying that tongue-in-cheek, a joke I make just about every season with them. I would like it if they threw some argyle in the mix though.

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Well, either the 100th anniversary kit for Boca Juniors or the Liverpool kit for next year is fake since Nike and Warrior don't use the same jersey templates.


The tag in the neck is a(n old) Nike tag, but even more than that, the Liverpool shirts are clearly photoshops.

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New crest for SJ? That's a pleasant surprise. Hadn't heard anything about that, but its certainly needed. Ive long said that the black with small amounts of blue that they currently wear is absolutely terrible. Maybe adding red will help (but maybe not).

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