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Alabama Outlawz new indoor team in XLIF


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This is a team that is probably more semi pro that anything. It's in X-League Indoor Football. They are the Alabama Outlaws. Website is www.bamaoutlawz.com they have facebook page too. It's funny only made it on like one local news station. Here is the proposed uniforms. Also the main logo is on the website I actually like that but the green is the away and the black is home. I think they are trying to be like Oregon.



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Still better then this confusing mess known as the Knoxville Nighthawks


I disagree. Yes, both are :puke: , but I like this set a little more. I actually like the checkerboard side panels, but the entire thing is crap.

Fun fact, this team (Knoxville, that is) was founded last year but folded after the 2013 season.

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