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My Band's Album Artwork


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So I just finished designing the artwork for my band, Pudding Attack's brand new EP we're recording. We have quite the history as a band and this will be our first album since 2006. We've grown so much a band since our early years and I think our new artwork also displays that. Our sound is as we describe it as "Psychedelic Sci-Fi Rock"

Here are our past albums with years:


Lightning Bolt Glamour (2004)

This album was designed by the record label that signed us at the time to distribute our album. I wasn't too fond of it but I didn't hate it either.


Miniskirt Cash Machine (2006)

This was designed by my bandmate Chris, pretty self explanatory. This album was put out by the same record company but allowed us to us our own artwork this time.

Now for our newest album design which I designed myself... Back to Business EP (2014)

Back Cover & Front Cover (Jacket Design): PuddingAttackEPCDCoverBack_zps917ce2f0.p

Front Cover with half disc design:PuddingAttackEPCoverDisc_zpse24fde82.png

While I understand the text is quite difficult to read that is my intention to tie in with the design and style. It's not going to be changed, readability isn't a must have on album artwork. If you look at many pieces of psychedelic art it's not meant to perfect.

Would love to hear comments on the new design!


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If I was going to be a jerk I'd say that your previous album covers were crap and this one keeps up the sorry tradition. If I was going to be constructive I'd say you need to reduce about 80% of the junk on the disc and the artwork. Nobody can read any of it.

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