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My local homebrew club is considering coming up with a new logo. Some members have said that it's not "DC-centric" enough to suggest that it's actually a DC based club. Here's the current logo:


I'm taking a stab at it and this is my first prototype:


It's a bit rough, but I think the general thrust is there. Comments are welcome.

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As a fellow homebrewer, I offer my take: I like the way some designers use the triangular layout of D.C. as an outline for an insignia, like along these lines (http://studiografik.com/WHERE_files/DC.png) I think it's distinctly unique to D.C. that any observer, casual or not, could identify it as such.

Although now I think it over, what if you took a hop leaf, like the ones you have above and modify it to have the Capitol's pointed dome on the top and call it "District Homebrewing" or something like that? Maybe a tagline of 'red, white and brew'? I think that would be pretty badass.

I do like what you're going for with the flag, though the paddle and wheat grain are just hard on the eyes and would take many viewers way too long to identify.

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