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Clarification on rules

No C&C is allowed on concepts until the poll is up, this will be the future rule. So from LoGO! #3 on, modification to your concept will be allowed

That's why you should do e-mail submissions -- lol

This. I've been watching both rounds of this competition, and there are few simple fixes that would drastically increase the fairness of this competition:

  1. Don't post any entries until the end of each round and voting begins. This keeps those still working on their entries from subconsciously "borrowing" from already-posted entries.
  2. Consider requiring exact size specifications for submissions (i.e. "All submissions should be on one 800 px by 800 px image). This helps make the entries look more uniform and allows for 1 to 1 comparrisons between entries without restricting what actual uniform, etc. templates are allowed.
  3. Anonymous entries. Have no names associated with the individual entries so that there is no partiality or favoritism.

Check back through old contests and see how they were run. Back in the day there were some good ones to draw from.

That makes perfect sense Ted. I think we should try that next time.


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voting should be done in-thread, Google docs and poll votes can be exposed and have large counts of voter fraud. Voting by typing your 1, 2, and 3 and posting it. Also, I think we all can agree than Ted's suggestions would make this better.

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Most competitions just have voting go by having folks post their ballots thus:

1) Entry F

2) Entry C

3) Entry J

F would get three points, C would get two, and J would get 1. It might be a bit of a burden on the contest admin to count up the votes, but it's by far the safest way to do it.

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This is the thing I had the idea for, sorry I sorted out my idea for this and never posted it.

For LoGO! #3 and beyond, submissions will be handled with Google Docs. Here is what I'm thinking the thing will look like. For the poll thread, concepts will be assigned a letter based on entry time. You get 6 points that you can distribute in any way you wish (You can put 6 on 1, 1 on 6 or multiple on any). The 3 concepts with the most points will get the award. Ties will be determined by time submitted.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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