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Hamilton NHL Expansion Franchise Name Ideas


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Hey guys, right now I plan on working on a two part NHL expansion series including Hamilton, and Quebec. So, I'm stumped on the Hamilton team name. I'd like it to have something to do with steel, considering the fact that Hamilton is the "Steel City". Also, sorry I'm not taking the Tigers name. All suggestions welcome

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A Banana peel.

Actually, if you are into roundels. maybe like a steel bolt or something for the outside. Use some imagination on the inside. That is if you're going with steel.

Sometimes I like to pick names that really don't have anything to do with it's cities history. Maybe the Hamilton Hammerheads, (I know that might have something to do with steel, but its a bad*ss sounding bird name (or shark). could make something cool out of that.

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If Hamilton were to ever get a team, which is highly unlikely at this point (I'm not pessimistic or anti-Canadian, I'd just rather see a team in Hartford, Seattle or even Kansas City) I'd definitely agree with others to name them after what the city is famous for... it's steel.

- Hamilton Steel

- Hamilton Blast (after the smelting process)

- Hamilton Iron

- Hamilton Edge

- Hamilton Blades

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Steelheads. Reference to it being both steel city as well as the massive Steelhead population in Lake Ontario as well as the spawning grounds in and around Hamilton.

It gives a very Canadian feel. You could maybe have a logo featuring a Steelhead made of iron or something. It's got definite potential.

I love the Mississauga Steelheads' package, besides the jersey being a Maple Leafs rip off.

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You could reference steel in many ways:


Steel Stags (both of these coming from the Coat of Arms)




White Hots

Or you could opt for the intangible options like




I'm anxious to see how you handle it!

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