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MLS 2020 Series - Nike

Berlin Wall

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I want to start a new project here. I want to create the kits for the 24 possible MLS teams in 2020. My goal is to create a unique identity for each club inside the league. For that I chose Nike as the official kit supplier.

Additional note: I'm not that good in creating logos. So the new franchises will actually just have their current logos (a few recoloured) or I will use some concepts from the web and give credits to the creator. The jerseys are the important thing in this project! :)

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Great jerseys as always Berlin Wall.

I definitely prefer what you did with Sporting KC to what they have right now.

You have also managed to provide both teams with enough contrast so that there can always be a kit combination without clashes, which is difficult with a team like Dallas, for sure.

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I thank you for the feedback! Makes me proud to get such good feedback!

And here is the first new team: Miami FC!

Logo credits belong to Steven Kramer! He did great on his blog.


For Miami I decided to go with an all white home kit very early. The difficulty was the secondary colours. I chose the former Miami Fusion colours yellow and blue as I thought there should be at least one team in the league with those colours (*spoiler*). I also thought about red replacing the blue but it was fine and fitting as it was I guess. And it has kind of tradition in Miami.

For the design I decided to go with an half-half white and yellow kit with royal accents.


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This isn't really your fault, since they already do this, but I hate that FC Dallas would have another white-hooped shirt as a second shirt. Seriously, that's not enough clash. Stop it, FCD; just stop it.

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Yeah, kind of.^^

But I actually had a similar idea before I thought of the Astros.

Next one is Chicago. I didn't change anything on their identity, but I added a Chicago themed baby blue alternate, which is perhaps my favourite uniform in this series so far!


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