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sportslogos.net missing logo thread


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Does anybody know who runs the website http://www.logoserver.com/?It is another sports logo website, but it hasn't been updated since 2005. They have a ton of logos on their site. So if anybody knows who runs that site, Chris can add them to the site.

Also, if anybody knows who runs the website Mmbolding.com, that also has logos as well as historical pages. If you try to go on the website now, it says that the page is expired. So if anybody knows who runs the two sites, let me and Chris know.


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Seems like CCSL could support an NCAA Division II group of pages. There are many great logos in DII. To try to get one started post the logo(s) of the DII school(s) from your state.


List of NCAA DII Schools


South Dakota

Augustana University Vikings:






University of Sioux Falls Cougars:




Northern State University Wolves:



South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Hardrockers:






Black Hills State University Yellow Jackets:




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This program needs to update their logo in a major way. One of you graphic artists should do us all a major solid and give this school a new logo set. Way too unique of a team name to have such a meh logo.



And here's the script they use on their football helmets.... This school is in Kansas by the way


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